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Meet your new self

To be cooler, professional, stylish, and confident...whatever you want to be, your desires come true by your outfits and hairstyle!
Do you know the best styles for your body and face shape?
Here are some tips for styling and I can always suggest the best style according to your needs as an online personal shopper and hairstylist.
Save your time and meet your new self with new fashion!

To Fulfill Your Wish

I offer the ideas of outfits with high quality products

Advantages : 


Suggestion your perfect hairstyle and outfits 

Unique quality products from all over the world at competitive price 

Color analyzing to find a suitable color for you

Free Consultation


 Once your appearance has improved,
you will have confidence so your view of your life and the world also will be changed 
This is the power of fashion!

It is not easy to change our personality, but we can change our appearance easily.

"I don't have a sense of fashion"

"Light colors don't suit me"

"There are no clothes that match with me"

They are all your assumptions.

You just never tried different way of styling.

Why don't you see yourself that you haven't seen yet?

You will see a different view of your life!

Online Services

  • You will find the styles that is just right for you!

    1 hr

  • I will suggest the best ensemble according to your needs.

    2 hr

    50 Canadian dollars
  • Separation what you need and you don't need on your wardrobe

    2 hr

    30 Canadian dollars
  • Perfect annual support for your new style

    2 hr

    200 Canadian dollars

About Me

Fashion Advisor / Personal Shopper / Personal Stylist

I have been working in the fashion and beauty industry in Japan and Canada since I was 19 years old. What I love the most is Italian fashion and colors! I was inspired by their sense of outfits when I visited in Italy. After that, I learned about their fashion and color coordinate. 

And now, I'm sharing my knowledge of fashion and beauty. Also I can help you to save your time for shopping and styling outfits as a personal shopper and personal stylist!

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