My Story

My background is Japan. I have been working as beautician, hair stylist since I was 19 years old. I love beauty and fashion, among these, my passion is Italian fashion and colors too! 

About spirituality, I have been learning about it since I was 20 years old. The reason why I started, it is because I had tough time for business and relationship with my parents when I was 20 years old. I have been seeking reality in this world to get over those difficulties. First of all, I studied quantum mechanics, and then continue to study about numerology, christianity, A course in Miracle, buddhism and Heart Sutra. Then finally I enlightened when I was doing meditation, It took about 15 years.

While I was working as a hairstylist in Vancouver, Covid-19 pandemic occurred. Offline businesses were getting difficult to survive due to the pandemic and it made me to think that I should work online to help people by using my knowledge and experiences.

Sometimes I was telling my clients fortunes when I was working at salons and they like it also suggested me to be a fortune teller. That actually made me to think to do this. Also when I was hurt by break up, I could get over by Heart Sutra, so I thought I should share those important wisdom to other people.


I also realized that it's important to take care both of our appearances and souls. It can't be choose either one to live in this world.  So the concept is "Spirituality × Colours" that both are my  strength!

I hope I can lead people to realized the meaning of their life and change their perceptions of this world. And next, my hope is making community with those realized the "Reality" of the universe!

quantum mechanics, numerology, christianity, A course in Miracle, Buddhism, Heart Sutra, Enlightened when I was doing meditation, Italain fashion and colors, Personal stylist, Peronal Shopper