Being Trendy or Being Classic, Is there Something else?

Every year we find what the hot color trend will be, what the trend pattern will be, and what kind of shoes are all the range. If you have unlimited funds and can furnish a new wardrobe every year, then board the trend train. If not, then catch the classic train.

Classics are timeless, unforgettable, ageless and lasting. Classic styles will be fashionable for at least 5-10 years. Some classic can be worn "forever". I also advise to make sure that most of their classic are also basics. Basics are pieces that are relatively simple without a lot of design details. They combine easily with the highly styled garments and allow you to create easily your own look!

However, trends can be fun. It is a bit more cost effective to base your wardrobe with a majority base of classics in your closet. I recommend your closet is 10% trendy, 20% fashion forward and 70% classic. Fashion forward clothing is interesting and fun. These pieces are not necessary classics, but you won't wear them a long years period.

Classics and trendy, is there anything else? Since December 21, 2020, the day of great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, the turn of the decade marks a move from a focus on the weighty and materialistic earth element to the more ethereal and egalitarian air, featuring a shift in the Saturn-Jupiter cycle into Air.

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"Stable" was the keyword in the earth element such as money, stability, lifetime employment, educational background society. Then what is important in the air element? It will be thinking, strategy, independent (Internet, Cloud), the internet and cloud are invisible, but they definitely exist. The key in the air element is "Individual". Once era has changed, also fashion will be changed, it will be more important to express our individuality. So I would recommend my clients to wear clothes that show off their personality from 2021. I will style outfits with considering all of those ; your personal color, characters, life style and job.

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