Brown is the Best Color to Match with Any Colors!

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

When you choose your clothes what color are you going usually? Would you like to go black? Or white? Or your favorite color? Today I will share my knowledge about color coordinating for fashion.

First of all, let me introduce my history. I always bought designers brand clothes when I was teen ager and spent too much money on it and then fell into debt hell eventually. In those days I didn't have any ideas about color coordinating and was just buying nice quality things. After I learned about Italian fashion, I realized that if we can mix colors well in an ensemble, it makes looks stylish even wearing cheap stuff. That means we can always make better styling at low cost!

Most of people tend to have black clothes more than other colors I think. Because there are always black options in stores and people think black suites every color and neutral color. But this is not true. Black is too strong. Then what color does go well with every colors? The answer is brown, especially dark brown is the best option to match with any colors. The reason why is because when we mix more than two colors it will be brown so every colors go well with brown very naturally.

Here are some examples, this guy wears brown pants and a brown bag. Black sunglasses and a black jacket are same color and looks great on him, but I would choose a dark brown jacket instead of black one because as I said before, black is too strong to match with other colors.

This lady's ensemble is fashionable isn't it? Brown and white coordination is one of the best match colors! Brown hair color goes well with any fashion colors so hair color is also important for the color coordinating.

The key of this modern style is color coordination, two colors of brown and grey combo makes looking stylish. If this sweater and belt are black, it will be too formal. Another thing is this grey shirt is good material as we can see but even if not, it would be still looking good because of colors are matched. Although I can't see the bottom of this picture, I guess he is wearing brown shoes, I hope so!

So from now on, why don't you choose brown items instead of black one? Especially for leather shoes for men, don't buy black from next time, black is too strong!

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