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Updated: May 7

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Hi, I'm a personal shopper and stylist.

Continuing from the previous post " What is Personal Color for Men?" , I'll show you how to analyze your personal color and find your flattering shades on this post.

Seasonal Color Analysis takes the coloring and undertones of three things into account:

  • Your Eyes

  • Your Hair

  • Your Skin tone

Then, depending on how light or dark each of those things are, it puts you into a “season”: Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter.

Let's check which season is the most closest to you! How to check my best color. How to check my personal color.

👇 Here is self analysis of your personal color for women.👇

Easy self analysis of your personal color for women. self seasonal color analysis for women

Personal color self analysis

Let's analyze your personal color yourself! Select the answer which is the most closest about you from A to D following those eight questions and tell me what letter is the most you choose.

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Question 1       What is your eye color?

A. bright and clear blue, green, golden green, brown or hazel

B. grey blue, green, aqua, cool and soft

C. golden brown, hazel, green, warm light or dark brown

D. deep dark brown, black, dark blue, grey blue/green

Question 2       What is your skin color?

A. peachy, creamy, golden undertone, may have freckles

B. pink, rosy beige, porcelain, blue undertone

C. golden undertone, beige, peachy, cream, bronze, caramel, latte, warm olive

D. porcelain, rosy beige, olive with blue undertone, cocoa, mahogany, ebony, black

Question 3       What is your hair color?

A. golden blonde, strawberry blonde, auburn, copper

B. ash blonde, greyish light or dark brown, mousy

C. golden brown/red, warm light or dark brown, deep chestnut

D. cool dark brown, black, dark blue, grey blue/green

Question 4       What colors of suits that is said suit you?

A. light beige, light brown

B. light navy, grey or blue

C. dark camel, deep brown

D. dark navy, dark charcoal grey

Question 5       What colors of shirts that is said suit you?

A. light yellow based coral pink, light beige

B. pastel pink, lavender or blue

C. dark beige, orange, brown

D. black and white, icy blue or pink, light pastel color

Question 6       What colors and patterns of neckties that is said suit you?

A. light green, orange or yellow / bright patterns : flowers, dots

B. lavender, pale navy, pastel pink / soft patterns : paisley, small dots

C. brown, khaki, mustard, dark green / chic designed patterns : glen check

D. bright red, dark navy, high contrasted blue / clear patterns : stripe, houndstooth

Question 7       What colors of  jewelries or glasses frame match with your skin?

A. light gold, light brown

B. silver or small platinum jewelries, light grey, blue grey

C. dark gold, dark brown

D. silver, dark grey, black

Question 8       What is your first impression often said by others?

A. young-looking, energetic

B. gentle and elegant, graceful

C. mature for your age, chill, calm and rich

D. cool, sharp, smart

Result of your personal color

Spring color, Summer color, Autumn color Winter color, personal color men, yellow base, blue base
How was that? The letter you chose the most is your group of personal color!
A  -  Spring (clear light warm)
B  -  Summer (soft light cool)
C  -  Autumn (soft deep warm)
D  -  Winter (clear deep cool)

If your answers were spread and you couldn't find any seasons, you still be able to know warm side or cool side as which are there more of your answers, A+C or B+D.

A+C are more than B+D   -   Warm side(yellow base)
B+D are more than A+C   -   Cool side(blue base)

Color charts for each season

Everyone can wear almost any color, as long as the shade and intensity of the color harmonizes with their natural coloring. I use a system based on discovering a client's dominant and secondary characteristic to establish their seasonal direction.

Wearing the colors from your personal palette / season can make you look younger, healthier, even sexier, but wearing the wrong colors can make you look ill , old and tired.

I will post about outfits ideas for each seasons next. Stay tuned and subscribe my blog post to see them!

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