Male : How to Know Which Hairstyle Suite Me?

Updated: Feb 3

A lot of mens clients ask me "I don't know what hairstyle suits me." "What haircut should I get?" Have you ever thought "I want to change my hairstyle but I don't know the hairstyle suits me or not." Before you go down the never-ending rabbit hole of internet inspiration, you should know how to choose right hairstyle for you.

First of all, you should know your face shape and I will show you how to pick the most flattering haircut based on the shape of your face.

What is your face shape?

Round face

A person with a round face shape have softer features, such as a jawline or cheekbones that aren't very well-defined. It's about equal in length and width, with similar measurements all around.

Oval face

Men who have oval-shaped faces will share some characteristics with those with a round one. The features can be just as soft as those of round-faces men. However, the main difference consists in the length of the face. The face height is 1.5 times bigger than its width, the widths of forehead and cheekbones are the same, and the chin lines are soft. Luckily a person who have oval face is considered ideal for any hairstyle!

Diamond face

The features of the diamond shape is the width of the cheekbones will be larger than that of the forehead, and the forehead will be wider than the jawline. Men with diamond-shaped faces usually have pointed chins. Additionally, they tend to have cheekbones in high and sharp angles.

Square face

A square faces are angular, sharp, and probably the most masculine different face shapes. You will instantly be able to tell the two apart based on the sharpness and definitions of the features. The jaw will be chiseled, square, and wide, and the cheekbones will also be broad.

Heart face

Finally, heart-shaped face is the opposite of the diamond-shaped ones through the width of the forehead. The sides of the face and cheekbones usually taper into the jawline and stand out as main features. Contrast is also a definitive feature for men with heart face shapes, particularly that between the forehead and the chin and jawline.

Best Men’s haircuts and hairstyles for different face shapes

First off all, I will tell you the point of men's haircuts for all types of face shapes. That is

The key for men's haircut is making diamond shape to achieve well-balanced. This is the common rule for all types of face shape.

Now that you know what is the basic tips, see what the best hairstyle for each male face shape options are.

Round face shape

The key to the best men’s haircuts for round faces is to add volume at the top without making your face wider. Ideally, guys should get “short sides, long top” hairstyles to elongate the face and give it more angles. Similarly, avoid buzz cuts or very short haircuts to prevent adding more roundness to your head.

Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is one of the coolest hairstyles for round faces. A taper fade on the sides with hair that gets longer towards the center of the head, a Faux Hawk is a great way to add height and dimension to your hair. The pointed, mohawk-like style of the faux hawk is edgy and modern, so this haircut is perfect for men with round faces who want to try something new. However, you’ll definitely need a quality styling product!

Spiky Hair

Spiky hairstyles are an easy way to add volume to shorter hair. The height created by the spikes will balance the width of a round face and offer a hot, edgy look. To maximize the benefits of this cut and style, be sure to get a fade. Styling spiky hair is actually quite simple – all you need to get the spikes is at least 2 inches of hair on top. Although spikes are easier to style when your hair is shorter, guys can opt for a more extreme look with longer hair.

Side Part

The side part haircut is the perfect hairstyle for a round face because it takes the attention away from the middle of the face and directs it towards the side. Side part and comb over hairstyles are easy and versatile, and don’t require much maintenance or styling effort. For business men or guys wanting a gentleman’s cut, the side part is a classic, professional choice.To style the side part, first decide which side you would like to part your hair to. After evenly applying pomade through your hair, comb your hair to that side. Adding some volume in the front is a great way to create a trendy, modern look.


The quiff is a hot hairstyle for men with round faces because it provides enough volume to create a tall, flattering look. By adding some hair styling product and creating a sexy quiff, guys can’t go wrong with the style.To style the quiff, comb back the front of your hair while blow drying it. Use your fingers to lift quiff up and add volume. Using pomade or wax will hold the hairstyle in place and allow it to last all day.

Oval face shape

Short on the sides and long on top styles will offer the best men’s hairstyles for oval faces, as these cuts will lengthen and balance your shape. 

Comb Over Fade

Ultimately, the comb over taper fade haircut is one of the best hairstyles for oval-shaped faces to balance out your features and ass some sharpness to define them. For men with oval-shaped faces, a comb over hairstyle helps retain the attractive length while making your other facial elements appear more chiseled.

Slicked Back Hairstyles

Full fringes aren’t generally recommended for men with an oval face shape (to not soften their features any further). However, a brushed back hairstyle will contribute by adding height, definition, texture, and all the right angles in all the right places.

Short Sides, Long Top

On a similar note, a hairstyle with a long top and short sides will provide the same eye-catching benefits. The contrast between the sides and top will sharpen your otherwise rounded features. Furthermore, a manly beard à la Tom Hardy can help chisel your jawline.


A pompadour is one of the coolest hairstyles for men with oval-shaped faces. The pompadour’s iconic style adds volume to your hair without adding much width to the face, especially when combined with a high skin fade or undercut. Styling the pompadour will require a good pomade to create height and control.

Diamond face shape

Due to how long, narrow, and sharp diamond faces are, barbers and stylists recommend full and high-volume hairstyles for men with diamond faces. However, be warned that you probably shouldn’t cut your fade or undercut down to the skin – a taper fade or scissor cut is better than a bald fade to prevent slimming your face further. Moreover, you may want to grow a full beard to widen your jaw and chin.

Messy Fringe

A messy fringe can work nicely to match your cheekbones and soften your jawline. The approach will help gain more volume, therefore widening your face. A diamond shape allows you to rock a full fringe just as well as side-swept bangs.

Faux Hawk

On the other hand, if you want to emphasize the length of your face, consider going for a faux hawk hairstyle. This hairstyle idea is perfect for men who don’t really care that they have a long face and who would rather accentuate its length. Still, textured layers remain a flattering detail for any man with a diamond face.

Long Slicked Back

To further elongate your face, go for a slick back hairstyle. Depending on how you style the top, it can provide volume. But the main goal will be to show off the angles of the face and the sharpness of each one.

Textured French Crop

A French crop haircut with textured layers will also make diamond face features stand out. Even more, the blunt hairline will help achieve more balance in your facial structure. Why textured? Well, considering that your facial silhouette is angular, you want to obtain all the volume you can get.

Square face shape

The square face is widely considered to be the most masculine face shape, and it looks great with a wide variety of hairstyles. It’s characterized by a prominent jawline, a square forehead, and straight sides. As a result, a square face is quite angular and sharp. The key is to soften the face’s angles.

Short Crew Cut

To reduce the risk of further shortening the face, guys with square faces can opt for short haircuts like a crew cut. This classic cut also accentuates the sharpness of your features by not stealing their shine like medium or long hair would. The crew cut is also a hairstyle that will work for almost anyone, regardless of skin color, hair color, or even face shape.

Comb Over

If you have a square face shape, you should emphasize either your hair or your facial features. To emphasize your hair, go with a longer cut, preferably one with similar lengths on the top and sides/back. To emphasize your face, go with a tighter, shorter cut.

Avoid center parting or cuts with heavy fringes. These throw your face off balance and detract from its strong features.

Under Cut

The trusty undercut strikes again. The undercut is one of the best haircuts for guys with square faces because it emphasizes the face with the tight sides and styled top. We recommend keeping your undercut on the shorter side, as haircuts that aren’t short or long don’t work too well with a square face.

The slicked back undercut works especially well for accentuating facial features. Since the hair is slicked back, more attention is drawn to the face.

Back and Side Swept

For a variation on the plain old undercut, considering adding a part around two-thirds or three-quarters the way across the hairline. Sweep some back and some to the side for this look.

Heart face shape

Haircuts with high volume on the sides will suit this face shape as this will widen the temples, create a square-like angle, make the jaw prominent and the pointed chin wider. Experimenting with facial hair of some description is also a great idea as it can help to fill out the jaw and reduce the pointed look of the chin. Try a short, boxed beard or even a slightly longer style if it’s in keeping with your personal style.

Long Fringe

Long fringes will hide your forehead that will make it similar to the width of your cheeks. The hair on the side will give your temples a wider look and this will make your face look round and almost oval in shape.

Growing a short or medium beard will help to hide your narrow jaw-line and pointed chin. Beards will make it look sharper and edgier.

Side Parted

Having long hair on the top of your forehead will make your face look longer but combing it back side-parted will distract the attention given on the width of the forehead. The longer hair on the sides will widen the temples which will create an illusion of having an oval face shape.

You can also grow your beard for a more stylish look. This will hide some details of your jawline and pointed chin.

Textured Layers

This kind of hairstyle is easy to maintain and very trendy. It suits short, medium or long hair and can be done in different ways like; wavy, asymmetrical, or soft layers.

You can keep the top and the sides longer to make your face elongated and your temples wider.

Spiky Hair

The spiky hairstyle is one of the best hairstyles for men since it can be easily styled and can be done in any hair types. For the heart-shaped face, the spikes will add some length to your face and it makes the forehead narrower.

So, What haircut should I get?

In the end, while the face shape and hair type are indeed useful tips for hairstyle selection, it all depends on your personality. You can have the perfect haircut and face shape match and still feel uncomfortable with it. If both of your hairstyle and personality line up, you’ll look and feel incredible every morning when you walk out the door – and everyone around you will feel your energy too!

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