The Most Easiest Way of Color Coordinate for Outfits

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

I am an online personal shopper and stylist and I learn how to be stylish without spend too much money from my experience of debt hell for shopping. That I found out is color coordinating is the key to look fashionable, and this is super easy to understand and try! I will share most easiest way to do the color coordination today.

As I explained about the color wheel and how to use the color wheel for outfits, there are some color schemes that can be used for outfits. Among these, monochromatic scheme is the most easiest one for the styling.

Monochromatic scheme is based on only one hue, it uses several shades (adding black) and tints (adding white) of a single hue. Although monochromatic scheme is the most easiest color scheme to try it, it can be too boring. But it depend on how you handle it. Those pictures, for example, they are based on only white. The left picture is only white with no any shades, on the other hand, the middle and right pictures are mixing with shades which means white and grey. How you can handle it to avoid to be boring? If you are women, you can play with make up and bags, if you are men, you can wear unique sunglasses or glasses. For sure, they makes totally different taste for your outfits!

Those pictures are also monochromatic scheme based on black or dark blue. Only the right picture is combination with few tints. As you can see, monochromatic scheme with black based is common and ordinary, in other words, it can be humdrum. The ideas to make it unique are use brilliant color on make up, put an accent with different color's bag like the middle of picture, or you can play with the hair color too!

Do you think monochromatic scheme can be used for only white or black? Of course not. If you pick other colors rather than white or black, instantly you look fashionable. Those pictures, for example, they are based on yellow, purple and orange. As the left picture, it makes distinct fashion by mixing same color with the base hue for watch and bag. The middle picture is based on purple with mixing some sheds and tints. The key is the color of the shoes, you can wear some color with shoes and lip stick as this picture, also purple shoes would be great. Another idea is yellow shoes, as I explained about complementary scheme, using two hues directly opposite each other on the color wheel, such as yellow and purple, is guaranteed to make outfits fancy. The right picture, this is monochromatic scheme outfits with different color for bag and shoes. As I talked about brown color coordinating, brown suite with any colors, especially orange and brown is one of the best combination!

So from now on, you can try this most easiest way of color coordinating for your outfits. You might want to buy some new clothes and accessories, but if you don't know what color is the best match for you or you don't know where you can get nice colors items, please let me help you. I can find the best color for you and guaranteed to find high quality Italian products from my retail partners all over the world!

By all means, please try out free email consultation with me!

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