Three Colors Coordination is the Key for the Styling

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

I am a personal stylist who love Italian fashion and fell into debt hell that I spent too much money for clothing when I was young. And now I figured out how to be stylish without spend so much money on it!

The key for the coordinating outfits is how to mix the colors! Most important thing is how many colors are mixed for an ensemble.

To use a lot of colors in an ensemble is not good. No more than four. Don't mix more than four colors of clothing! It would be better to do within three colors if you can.

Here are some examples,

She is wearing three colors of clothing.

- A Orange hat

- A Grey coat

- A brown sweat shirt and brown check pants

We can't see the shoes but I would wear light brown shoes for this coordinate.

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This is also three colors combo.

- A purple jacket

- A green sweat shirt

- White pants

Again, we can't see her shoes but I would have white shoes for this combo.

This is beautiful coordinate and mixed with three to four colors.

- A white shirt, white earrings

- A brown jacket, brown socks and brown sunglasses

- A light brown skirt

The color of this skirt is kind of mixed with brown and white, so this color makes even better and stylish for this ensemble.

Now you know the tips for the color coordinating, it's time to try this idea for your everyday outfits combo. You will realize that most of models in fashion magazines are along this rules.

If you need help for selecting new clothes or want to know how to make better style with items what you have already, I can always help you to suggest new style!

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