What is Personal Color for Men?

Updated: May 7

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I always end up with same outfits. The new shirt doesn't look good on me. It's too much hassle to think about color coordinate, so I always pick black clothes. Today's topic is perfect for those men! I will talk about personal color for men!

What is Personal color for men?

As I see, there are more and more men pay attention to their style and wardrobe choices nowadays. Being well-dressed is take time and effort, but it's absolutely worth it because you can be more confident and handsome or look younger. Every men have best colors that suit very well with each persons, that is personal color.

So in this post, I'll explain you what is personal color.

Your best colors can make your life much easier: you can buy more colors, not just black or brown, you can spend less time shopping, and you can create fabulous and matching outfits.

What is color analysis

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Ever notice that some people look great in some colors, but look awful in colors that look good on someone else? Wearing the best colors for you can make you look younger, healthier, even sexier, but wearing the wrong colors can make you look ill , old and tired.

The art of figuring out your best colors is called color analysis.

Some men might say..

" Any bright colors such as red or pink don't look good on me and I'm embarrassing to wear those colors." " I'm more comfortable to wear non-provocative colors like black, white or grey"

There are different shade and tint reds, some reds look good on you and some don't. Some men look good with yellow-based red such as vermilion, some men look good with blue-based red such as rose-red.

When I go to men's section in clothing stores, I often see more clothing which are cool colors and low brightness and saturation compare to the color options in women's clothing shops. Same as hairstyles, women have options long hair and short hair, however, only shorthair is option for mens cut.

According to this, most men might have big hurdle in having a variety of fashion.

That's why it's important to know your personal color, and it will enhance your charm and make you different from others!

The four seasons category system

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Seasonal Color Analysis takes the coloring and undertones of three things into account:

  • Your Eyes

  • Your Hair

  • Your Skin tone

Then, depending on how light or dark each of those things are, it puts you into a “season”: Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter. Once you figure out your category, you wear colors from that category, because they are the ones that will make you look great.

Let's see features for each seasons!


Spring seasonal color men, spring color men, spring color, spring seasonal color

Spring people look healthy and youthful, also friendly.

The colors that look best on a Spring are the pale, warm colors. Think of a springtime flower garden — these are Spring colors : off-white, pale blue, pale pink, peach, light yellow … and some brighter colors as well. For suits, think brown, warm khaki, medium gray, and the “ice cream color” suits. Black will probably make you look washed out, and pure white may be too strong for you.

Base color is yellow which is warm color.


Summer seasonal color men, summer color men, summer color, summer seasonal color

Summer people look sweet and kind, also fine and clean.

The Summer color range is similar to Spring, but the colors are cooler in tone. For example, a Spring’s red tones will have some orange in them, but Summer’s will be slightly blue. Good suit colors are charcoal and medium gray, cool tans and browns, pastel blue, pastel lavender, pastel pink, and light navy blue. Black may work for you, white will sometimes work.

Base color is blue which is cool color.


Autumn seasonal color men, autumn color men, autumn color, autumn seasonal color

Autumn people look mature for there age, chill and clam, also chic.

Autumn is well named, as the best colors are those you find in New England in October: warm oranges and yellows, cranberry red, brick red, olive greens, and dark browns. Black and white are not good colors for Autumns — stick with browns and warm off-white. Good colors for suits are any shade of brown or dark blue.

Base color is yellow which is warm color.


winter seasonal color men, winter color men, winter color, winter seasonal color

Winter people look cool and sharp, also unique.

Black looks great on Winters, and so does pure white. Strong vivid colors work well: bright red, blue, purple, green … anything strong and vibrant. For suits, choose black, gray, and navy. Avoid browns, off-whites, muted colors and pastels.

Base color is blue which is cool color.

How was that? Do you want to know what season are you?
- Once you know your personal color, your shopping will be more easier and fun!
- Your outfits will have a feeling of unity and you will look stylish!

I will post about " Self analysis for personal color for men" next. Stay tuned and subscribe my blog post to see them!

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