Why Online Shopping is better than In-Store Shopping?

Since the spread of internet-based e-commerce sites, and smartphones are taken up by users en masse, the growth of internet shopping has been exponential. The 40% of e-commerce market come thorough users of smartphones, online shopping has been infiltrated to beginners as inexperienced to use internet. And the number of consumers choosing to buy online rather than in-store has been increasing rapidly. Here are some reasons why online shopping is better than purchasing in-store.

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A large selection of items

The first advantage of online shopping is that online stores have a large amount of products than at their physical locations. As the capacity of the warehouses and limited of the space of local stores, the shop owners want to have a stock for popular items more than the one hardly sell. But not everybody are seeking popular items, retailers can keep non-popular merchandise in their storages without holding stock in the warehouses, so they are able to sell products which don't have stock in physical stores in online shopping sites. Therefore, the amount of products will be higher than at their physical locations.

A huge selection of stores from worldwide

The best advantage of online shopping for me is that enable to purchase products from all over the world. As I love Italian fashion and clothing, I can buy their local products online without taking too much money and time to travel Italy. Especially for people who live in small town or in an area without a large local shopping area, the internet offers a broad range of advantages for the consumer that can access to products of certain brands from all over the world.

Not only this, in nowadays, there are also many smaller brands which exist as online-only e-commerce stores, such as independent retailers and craft sellers, who can provide you with unique and individual goods that you would not be able to find on the high street. From enabling independent stores to blossom without investing in a physical location, to allowing you to access the cheapest and most accessible deals.

24/7 shopping

To being able to shop 24 hours a day and 7 days a week is the hugely beneficial factor for working adults. You can shop whenever you need rather than wait until next day off or hurry after work to purchase products in local stores. Although the services requiring human intervention such as live chat, you have to wait until the time stores open, on the other hand some of small online retail stores would be able to respond even during non-business hours.

Everything done at your place

The most appropriate feature of the internet is its time and effort saving nature, online shopping is helping for those busy people and also handicapped people to prevent them from extra journey to physical stores on the high street or shopping centers. Once you purchased products in a couple of click online, just wait few days and receive the packages, no need to worry about carrying big and heavy stuff.

In nowadays, most of the online companies even offer free delivery for addresses within the countries even worldwide with over the specific amount of orders which makes money and time saving on the way to a physical location by transportations.

Also return services has easier than ever as all you need to do is filling out a postal form which included your package and call to a courier and they will pick it up at your place or send it from your local post office.

Additional discounts

Many retailers offer a full amount of discounts and voucher codes to be used online, on the other hand it is hard to find an in-store voucher unless the store is hosting special event. Websites often have exclusive discounts and sales than in physical stores, and sometimes you may be able to find products that were not discounted in-store available online for much cheaper price. You are then able to pick them up from your local stores or get them delivered your place.

The reason why is because physical store takes plenty of running cost, such as renting the store and hiring employees. Nevertheless online stores are able to provide products at a low cost.

Additionally, an online search function makes you to be able to find most lowest price from all retailers in instantly rather than takes too much time for looking around in your local stores. This gives consumers a much broader access and ability to find the latest deals and promotions.

Time saving to find what you want

I often shopping and struggled to find exactly what I want in my local stores. This is not an issue for me due to the easy accessibility of the internet. By using e-commerce stores, it is now quick and easy to browse through hundreds of products in a matter of seconds to find exactly what you need. With the addition of search functions on e-commerce stores and search engines such as Google and Yahoo, you can now find the products and sellers that have the product that you want in stock in a second.

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Although online shopping has disadvantage such as lack of tough and feel of merchandise I still prefer online. Since the time when the internet was not widespread, I was always purchasing clothing at mail-order shopping. Therefore I'm used to shop online from my experiences since I was young.

If you are not comfortable to shop from e-commence stores or don't have time for it, let me help you to find perfect outfits for you. Don't hesitate to ask any question about it, I can do free consultation via contact form.

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