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 Physically and psychologically, our appearance and mind, we are living in the world which everything is relative.

It says "Form is only emptiness, Emptiness only form" in Heart Sutra. We are like clouds in the sky, keep changing without stopping. On the other hand, they look real form in a moment. It's important to keep balance and can't choose either one. If we change our appearance and our mind better way, it could definitely change our perception of this world! 

I hope I can make people realize their best appearance and the meaning of their life.

To Fulfill Your Wish

I will help to find a way to live as who you really are

Advantages : 


Telling your fortunes

Personal color and lucky color analyzing

Suggestion color coordinated outfits based on your best color

Free consultation, Want to ask more?   Don't hesitate to contact me! Send massages from here.

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Online Services

Improve your fortune with colors

We see colors in everything, every moment of our life—but do you ever stop to think about the impact each of those colors is having on you? Do you know what colors suite you and what colors can bring you luck? Color affect not only a person's impression but also luck. Once you know your right colors and adopt it your life, it will bring you the right environment and it can improve nearly every aspect of life as well — whether it’s improving your health, finding love, or making more money.


About Me

Spiritual Counselor / Fortune Teller / Personal Shopper

I have been working in the fashion and beauty industry in Japan and Canada since I was 19 years old. I had tough time for my business and relationship with my parents in my twenties and I have been learning spiritual things to get over those difficulties since beginning of my age 20 years old and finally I realized reality of this world, when I was 34 years old. I realized that it's important to learn spirituality because our goal of soul is "enlightenment", but also it's essential to take care for our body and appearance which is container of soul. So, now is the time to help people with my knowledge and experiences of fashion, beauty and spirituality!

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